A curated collection of eight soap bars, that is my ode and farewell to Milked, as we currently know it.
  • Oat Milk - freshly pressed oat milk, oatmeal, yellow Brazilian clay + creamy, slightly sweet scent.
  • Coco Banana (unscented) - coconut milk, banana puree, ground walnut shells.
  • Aloe & Hemp - hemp milk, aloe vera, hemp oil + crisp green scent.
  • Tres Leches (unscented) - goat milk, coconut milk, almond milk; shea butter + mango butter.
  • Almond Vanilla Cream - almond milk, oatmeal, Dutch cocoa powder + the yummiest almond vanilla scent.
  • Pure (unscented) - goat milk, raw honey.
  • Hibiscus Buttermilk (unscented) - buttermilk, organic hibiscus powder, Moroccan red clay.
  • Citrus Ginger - rice milk, shea butter + crisp ginger and citrus scent.